Edita Liu is a jewellery designer, known for her minimal, subtle style and handmade jewellery wire crochet pieces. Her earrings and pendants are built from certified high quality silver, gold and handpicked precious stones. They feature mild color schemes and accentuate feminine beauty.

Edita Liu is based in Lithuania, sharing her time between busy bustling Kaunas city and serene countryside at the north of the country, finding most of her inspiration in nature and photograpy. Since childhood, Edita has been searching for ways to express her creativity and tried herself out in may different art forms – from drawing to poetry and many different techniques in jewellery making – but the first time she got her hands on metal wire, she knew she found the perfect medium for her.

In every piece by Edita, natural gemstones are handpicked to match with a handmade silver or gold wire crochet to add some feeling of lightness and delicacy. It is fascinating how such a sturdy material can be transformed into a subtle, translucent creation.



Handpicked natural gemstones and minerals, dressed in light sterling silver and 9ct gold wire crochet merge into wonderful timeless treasures. This collection features round, smooth forms and accentuates femininity and fragility.


These pieces are all about the beauty of natural gemstones and their amazing forms. They are twisted in sterling silver wire, which is sometimes oxidized, to bring out the highlights of metal. This collection is both rough and elegant at the same time, and it adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look.